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Welcome to Kashiwa Rokken’s website.

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Let’s Start Kendo  We provide Kendo instructions for people of all levels, from boys and girls, ladies, those restarting Kendo, to adult beginners. You can start Kendo at any age and learn throughout your life. You are always welcome to watch and join our practice. We have Dogis and Hakamas for rent for kindergarten and elementary school students. Please check our practice schedule and feel free to come to our Dojo
Practice ScheduleMonday 18:00 - 20:30 (children and adults)
Thursday 18:30 - 20:30 (children) / 20:00 - 21:00 (adults)
Saturday 17:00 - 20:00 (children and adults)
Please check the notice “お知らせ” on top page for temporary changes.
TeachersPresident:Taichiro Nakano (6th Dan Kyoshi)
Representative: Masahito Inoue (7th Dan Kyoshi)
Teachers:Yoshio Sekiguchi (7th Dan)・Wataru Beniya (7th Dan)・Hiroshi Ohga(7Dan)・Satoshi Tamura (7Dan)・Tsuyoshi Eitaka (7Dan)・Msahiro Shinoda(7Dan)・Yoshiaki Kanō(7Dan), Tomokazu Ozaki (6th Dan),
and We have many higher Dan holders in various occupations (teachers, civil servants, company employees, etc.) who can give supplemental instructions.
Membership FeesKindergarten student: free
Elementary School Student: 2,000 yen per month
Second and subsequent siblings will be charged half price. Free for junior high and high school Kendo club members.
(Membership fee for student includes insurance premiums, tournament participation fees, and event expenses.)
Adult Male: 1,000 yen per month / Adult Female: 500 yen per month
(Adult membership fee includes annual membership fee of Kashiwa City Kendo Federation and participation fees of Kashiwa Citizen Kendo Tournament in Spring and Autumn.)
The gymnasium of Kashiwa Dairoku Elementary School  

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