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Wanted swordsman

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Beginning Kendo
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The path of Kendo can be started at any age. First, we would ask the potential student
to come to our dojo, meet our teachers, and observe a practice session.
The next step in beginning lessons is to purchase a shinai (bamboo sword - our instructors can introduce a shop), and begin practicing basic footwork.
After some advancement in footwork has been made, the instructors will guide the student regarding
purchasing the proper clothing (dogi and hakama), and eventually kendo armor (bogu).
Most important, however, is training and dedication. Come and watch a class to see if it's something
you find interesting.
For students new to kendo, or new members already familiar with kendo, please arrange a time to
visit by sending an email by clicking 'contact' on the left menu.
Kasiwa Dai6 Elementary School   Map  Contact:inosen_0525@yahoo.co.jp
Practice TimesMonday
18:00 / 19:30(children:adults)
19:00 / 20:30 (children)
20:00 / 21:00 (adults)
17:00 / 18:30(children:adults)
Please note that most adults train on Thursday and Saturday.
TeachersKashiwa Roku Ken Dojo’s teachers are:
Taichiro Nakano (President 6th Dan)・Masahito Inoue (7th Dan)・Yoshio Sekiguchi (7th Dan)・Wataru Beniya (7th Dan)・Hiroshi Ohga(7Dan)・Satoshi Tamura (7Dan)・Tsuyoshi Eitaka (7Dan)・Msahiro Shinoda(7Dan)・Yoshiaki Kanō(7Dan)
Along with men and women of various occupations (private industry workers, civil servants,
and homemakers) who regularly provide additional instruction.
DuesMonthly dues for children are 2,000 yen per month.
Monthly dues for adult men are 1,000 yen per month.
Monthly dues for adult women are 500 yen per month.

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